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The Beauty Below

I caught the creepy bug this week and decided to follow through. The short tale might be a little undercooked in some ways, but sometimes a rare steak is just what's called for eh?Maybe we'll do something else with it later, but for now I wanted to post it for your reading pleasure.Enjoy!***The dust storm was devastating. It screamed its way under the car’s hood and suffocated the thing until the engine gave up the ghost. Hardly mattered - I couldn’t see but five feet anyway and we’d been crawling along already. I let the car coast down the very slight hill, praying not to get rear-ended. We were still on the road, but beyond that I had no idea how far along the old highway I’d come. I imagined the endless feathery shadow of the treeline to the right and vast fallow fields on my left, but I couldn’t see them. Hoping there was a shoulder, I eased off the asphalt. Gravel under the tires. Crunching, we came to a stop.I took the key out of the ignition and blew out a breath. What …

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